Breyer Animal Creations’ Trigger

Below are Breyer models (and sometimes a few other brands) of Roy Rogers’ famous palomino horse Trigger for sale. Some of the model horses shown below were originally made several decades ago but some of them may have been made more recently. The Trigger models are for sale alone, or sometimes with related items such as books or DVDs.

In Roy Rogers’ movies and television show Trigger received top-billing right along with Roy himself. Trigger was as beloved with the public as his human co-star and was known worldwide as “The Smartest Horse In The Movies.” For more information on the Breyer model company and Trigger, please scroll down beneath the models for sale.

Roy Rogers' horse Trigger
The inspiration for the Breyer model: Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger.

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About Breyer’s Model Of Trigger

The Breyer model of Roy Rogers’ famous palomino stallion, Trigger, is based on the company’s mold #57, a mold the company calls the “Western Horse.” The model number for Trigger is #758 (the mold number and model number are two different things).

Below is a partial quote from the Identify Your Breyer website (we love this website!) regarding Breyer’s #57 Western Horse model. It is very descriptive and describes the mold in detail.

“The Western Horse, introduced in 1950 and Breyer’s first animal mold, originally had no mold marks. Later models have the “U.S.A.” mold stamp inside the right hind leg, and some also have an upside down or backward “B” stamp. The mold has a molded-on bridle and breastcollar with gold metal chain reins, comes with a removable plastic Western saddle and stands 10 1/4″ tall…… The mold was sculpted by Chris Hess, adapted from Hartland’s Large Champ, which was sculpted by Roger Williams. It is Breyer’s mold #57.”

Breyer’s Trigger Is The Original Trigger

Roy Rogers owned three palomino horses with “Trigger” in their name:

  • Trigger, which we sometimes refer to as the “original” Trigger
  • Little Trigger, and
  • Trigger, Jr.

With three Triggers, which one is the Breyer model horse designed after? While we have never seen any official documentation on it, here at RoyRogersWorld we feel that the Breyer Trigger was made in the likeness of the original Trigger. While all three horses were palominos they had different markings, and we personally feel that the markings on the Breyer Trigger match those of the original Trigger.

Specifically, both Little Trigger and Trigger Jr., had stockings on all four legs, while the original Trigger only had a left hind sock. This sock was often difficult to see in many of his movie and television scenes, but it is shown on the Breyer model. Also, the white on the original Trigger’s bald face completely covered his right nostril, and this is also shown on the Breyer model.

A Little Bit About Trigger and Those Other Two Triggers, Too

In 1938 a young golden palomino stallion named Golden Cloud appeared in his first movie as a mount for Olivia de Havilland in her role as Maid Marian in “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” Not too long afterwards the beautiful stallion was chosen by a young Roy Rogers to appear with him in his first starring role in the movie “Under Western Stars.”

Roy fell in love with the horse after just one ride, and promptly changed the horse’s name from Golden Cloud to Trigger. The movie was a hit, and both Roy and Trigger were on their way to international superstardom.

Roy Rogers knew almost immediately that the level of popularity he and Trigger were experiencing was going to create a work schedule too demanding to ask one horse to fulfill all the personal appearances, concerts, movies, and television shows. With this in mind Roy purchased another palomino he named Little Trigger.

While the original Trigger was mostly used for movies and “The Roy Rogers Show” on television, Little Trigger was used extensively by Roy for personal appearances as well as also appearing in some of Roy’s movies. Roy also purchased a third horse to give the original Trigger a break, and named this horse Trigger Jr. For more information we suggest you see this page: Roy Rogers’ Horse Trigger.