Roy Rogers Cap Guns

Below are Roy Rogers cap guns and related items for sale on eBay. The cap guns might be pistols or rifles. Some of them are made by famous makers such as Kilgore, Hubley, and others.

Some of the cap guns are for sale by themselves, while others come with holsters, gun belts, the original box or other packaging, and so on. Keep in mind that the Roy Rogers cap guns for sale below may have been made several decades ago or they may be much newer.

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About Cap Guns

A “cap gun” is a toy gun that makes a popping sound, and also usually releases a small puff of smoke when the gun is fired.

Cap guns get their names from the “caps,” or small discs that create the sound and smoke. A cap gun can come in a variety of styles, such as pistol, rifle, etc. The caps themselves can come packaged in a variety of ways, such as in paper rolls or on plastic rings, and are designed to be used with cap guns made for that particular style of cap.

Things To Know When Buying A Roy Rogers Cap Gun

Below are a few good things to know when buying a Roy Rogers cap gun on eBay.

  • How old is the Roy Rogers cap gun? Not all of them were made several decades ago since newer models are still being made.
  • What kind of condition is the cap gun in? Does it work? Since cap guns are toys and since many of the Roy Rogers cap guns we’ve seen on eBay are several decades old, it’s reasonable to assume it may not be in perfect condition. Read the seller’s description carefully regarding the condition of the cap gun, and be reasonable in your expectations.
  • Are there several good pictures of the cap gun?
  • If the seller claims the cap gun was made by a certain manufacturer, do they offer any information to back up this claim? For example, they could show a manufacturer’s mark in a photograph.
  • Will you be getting anything along with the cap gun (such as a a box or holster)? Don’t assume what you will and won’t be getting – read the item’s description carefully to be sure.
  • What forms of payment does the seller accept?
  • How soon do you have to pay for your purchase? An increasing number of eBay sellers are getting tired of buyers who take a long time to pay for their item. Some of these sellers are now requiring the item be paid for within a certain time frame or the sale is off. Read the item’s description for acceptable payment times and terms.
  • What will the shipping costs be? Is shipping insurance offered? If so, at what cost? Will the seller ship to your location? How soon after you pay for your item will it be shipped?
  • If you have any questions about a Roy Rogers cap gun for sale on eBay, ask the seller your questions BEFORE you bid or buy.