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Roy Rogers Signed Photos

Below are signed photos of Roy Rogers for sale. The signatures on the photos range from the authentic (signed by hand, by Roy Rogers), to secretarial (Roy’s name signed by another person with his knowledge and consent), to (possibly) other types of signatures.

Photo of Roy Rogers and Mary Hart
An unsigned 1938 publicity photo of Roy Rogers and Mary Hart from the movie “Shine On Harvest Moon.”

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From Amazon

Amazon is usually an excellent source for finding signed Roy Rogers photos and other items. We’re having trouble showing a list of current items here, but you can use this link to see them directly on Amazon:

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Is It Really Roy’s Signature On Those Photographs?

Here at we are not experts on recognizing Roy Rogers’s authentic signature. We encourage you to investigate the authenticity of the signature on any item you might be interested in for yourself.

A Few Roy Rogers Photos

Below are a few photos of Roy Rogers.

This photo is of Roy and what we think is the “original” Trigger. We think this horse is the original Trigger because he doesn’t appear to have stockings on all four legs (both Little Trigger and Trigger Jr., had stockings), and the white of his bald face completely covers his right nostril. For more information on Trigger, please see this page: Roy Rogers’ Horse, Trigger. The writing on the photo says: “Many Happy Trails to you always. Sincerely, Roy Rogers.”

Signed Roy Rogers and Trigger photo
A signed photo of Roy Rogers and Trigger


This is a 1960 photo of Roy Rogers being held at gunpoint by a chimpanzee. The photo is from “The Chevy Show” which ran on the NBC network from 1956 to 1963. The show was hosted by entertainer Dinah Shore.

Roy Rogers and a chimpanzee
Photo of Roy Rogers being held at gunpoint by a Chimpanzee.